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This page is for rate information on radio commercials. Radio talk show information can be found here.

To receive your radio airtime quote with no-obligation-to-buy, please complete the following form. Any omitted information may delay your quote.*

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Please Note

Depending on the complexity of your submission, you may be requested to place I Buy Time on a retainer of $99 (USD) paid in advance for rate quotes from up to six (6) radio stations in one market $499 (USD) paid in advance for rates from up to six (6) markets. We impose this charge to help defray the cost of processing complex quotes, which involves considerable staff time. Ultimately, your fee will be credited to your purchase, should you decide to proceed with an advertising schedule.

Once you receive your advertising quote, there is no obligation to purchase air time but, as your agent, we will do everything we can to earn your business.

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*I Buy Time reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, particularly to those whom, in our judgment, are unsuitable for our services based on the information submitted.

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